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The Crazy Hairstyles of Mexican Cholombiaos: Colored People Do You Relate?

The featured pictures below are photos of Mexican urban teens by photographer Stefan Ruiz. These weird hairstyles and distinct outfits are a part of Cholombiano subculture which they represent.

This subculture centers around cumbia music which became extremely popular in 1960s and found a strong foothold in Mexico, specifically with Monterrey.

Then, around the late 90s, the genre bred a teen fanbase so passionate about cumbia that they began referring to themselves as Cholombianos, which simply means Colombians in Spanish. However, it essentially disappeared from Monterrey in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Trevor Noah, an award-winning comedian, TV host, and novelist, once said that Mexicans remind him of colored people. Colored people are known for their colorful culture and vibrant personalities in South Africa. They are basically a combination of everything good that the South African Rainbow Nation had to offer. 

Since Trevor Noah has compared colored people to Mexicans, I wonder how colored people would feel about trying these hairstyles

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