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Skin Care

Growth Beauty Tracks.

Yes, I call stretch marks ‘Growth beauty tracks’, because strength marks indicate growth and I see it as an extension to my beauty.

We all have had stretch marks or currently still have strength marks and most of the times we are ashamed of having them to an extent it makes one feel self- conscious and uncomfortable with showing of some skin.

Are you not tired of hiding your legs, not being able to wear a bikini or a cropped top? Lets find out, why in the first place we got our ‘Growth beauty tracks’ and what can we use to make them appear little less intense?

The cause of Growth beauty tracks:

Growth: When you suddenly gain weight rapidly due to puberty, contraceptives, pregnancy and just growth in general. This indicates that our collagen and elastin that supports our skin to rupture and as our skin begins healing it is than than our Growth beauty tracks appear on the surface of our skin. Again weight loss can be a reason behind getting visible stretch marks.

Way/ Tips to help make our tracks look less darker and intense:

  1. Keeping your skin hydrated, water helps keep the skin soft and looking health.
  2. Keeping your skin moisturized with tissue oil if not just any body oils this helps stimulate cells in the skin to be active and heal better since we know the marks indicate healing.
  3. Apply aloe Vera also stimulates skin cells to work actively and promoting better skin pigment which may help them appear lighter.
  4. Drinking vitamins E helps with aging and skin regenerating benefit and Vitamin C helps with development of Collagen to keep skin strong and elastic so if any further stretching body the skin is prepared.
  5. visiting a Dermatologist, they can not remove our tracks but can definitely improve their appearance and make them less visible.

There are many products to minimize stretch marks but I haven’t found a product that fully removed them and I must say I have had them over 7 years.

Again, the only reason why I’m sharing these tips, it’s to make living with our tracks much more easier since we can’t necessarily do anything about them not to necessarily help you remove them. I’ve learnt to embrace them and it’s time you do the same.

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