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Kicks on Feet: Adidas Superstar

It seems like my rotation has moved towards the OG side of Adidas shoes. I

must be feeling some sort of nostalgia to an era that I wish I could have

experienced. Today’s kicks on feet are the Adidas Superstar 80s deluxe. This

shoe has a special place in my heart because it’s the first sneaker that I bought

with my own money and what drew me to the shoe was the history and just the

way the sneaker looked. The cream premium leather with the classic black

adidas three stripes was something that Adidas got right and it’s an honour to

wear this sneaker.

History of the sneaker.

If you didn’t know, the Adidas Superstar was originally a basketball shoe with a

slogan “to revolutionize basketball footwear”. So, the adidas superstar was

originally introduced in 1969 with their main pitch being the support that the

shoe offered given the leather upper that it bolstered. In 1976 they signed

Kareem – Abdul Jabbar and with this superstar carrying the mantel, Adidas

sales began to rise and they eventually became the leading basketball sneaker of

the time. Using different steps in the 80s and due to its lack of technology,

Adidas decided to push the Superstar into the lifestyle market and in came the

wave of Run DMC and the Superstar. Fast-forward to the 2000s and the Adidas

superstar is still a shoe that many people want to own.

How would you wear it?

If you have the classic black and white silhouette, then it is easy to wear

anything with it. This is because the shoe is mostly white with a few black

features so you would be able to wear pretty much anything with it.

What does the shoe mean to me?

Like the Adidas Stan Smith, this shoe holds sentimental value for me. It’s the

first sneaker that I bought and the first sneaker that I enjoyed the history behind.

Obviously by now you should know that I have the original box. If you are

looking for an OG Adidas sneaker much like the Stan Smith, then this sneaker

is an awesome add to your collection.

-Joshua Dunn

Please note pictures are not of my own.

Content created and supplied by: JoshuaDunn (via Opera News )

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