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Shauwn Mkhize finally reply to a follower asked her to change her hairstyle

Shauwn Mkhize finally reply to a follower who kept asking her when is she planning to change he hairstyle. Firstly, Shauwn Mkhize is a South African businesswoman who is famously known for living lavishly. Shauwn is undoubtedly one of the richest people in South Africa. A few months ago this filthy rich lady bought herself a brand new Rolls Royce that costs nothing less than R6.8 million, and that alone said it all about her bank balance.

Even though Chauwn is filthy rich, but she doesn't change her hairstyle and people were cool with that because she still looks pretty anyway. But a courageous and curious Facebook user felt a need to know why Shauwn Mkhize doesn't change her hairstyle "I know your hairstyle can my whole wardrobe, but please change it" said this follower, and Shauwn Mkhize was really offended "Ungazongjwayela Kabi girl angyena umnganakho" which means "Please stop being too forward, we are not even friends" Replied Shauwn Mkhize.People shared their thoughts in the comment section. Some people were also wondering how much does Shauwn spends on this hairstyle "I wonder how much is her style" said a Facebook user. Some people were praising Shauwn for putting this follower back into its place "Nice response. That's what happens when you are always in somebody's business" said a Facebook user.

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