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Good news for Makhadzi

Makhadzi is a Queen that suffers from cyberbullying from critics and abusers that find comfort in making other people uncomfortable. She is a well known hit maker and her energy and stage presence is some of the things people love most about her. Makhadzi is not living her life according to societal standards, she is in her own lane and killing it. She is a brand. After pictures of her made rounds on social media, she had to apologize for being herself. This is really sad!

Thokozani Vilakazi a social media influencer shared his opinions about the situation. "Let me tell you why people bully Makhadzi and that will never stop. Makhadzi goes against the beauty standards people have adopted from western society. She's not slim, she's not light in complexion. Makhadzi is not fluent in English. As much as social media keeps saying that English is not a measure of intelligence, in the real world people don't practice what they preach. They will hold your broken English against you. We saw this happening to Mandoza, Papa Penny and more. Society is hypocritical.

They say one thing and do the complete opposite. On social media dark skin is gold, in reality people look down on you. Makhadzi represent everything our people have been taught to hate. She's dark, she's a woman, she's successful, she's original. That is why people bully her. Deep down they are jealous because they've bleached. They are educated, they did everything society taught them but she's still more successful, more human. This creates bitterness. They ask themselves why is she more successful when she's being herself? So they attack her body, her face, anything they can to bring her down. Its a psychological matter. They must use her to boost their own confidence. They need to. Its the only way they can recover from feeling useless."

Makhadzi is a brand, her outfits compliment her stage presence and energy. Why is it allowed for artist drim abroad to dress they way the want to and its a problem for Africans? Keep shining Queen and let no one dictate how you should dress.

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