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New Variant discovered after lions tested positive for COVID-19


Coronavirus was first identified in China where it was reported that the Chinese have eaten some animals which caused the virus. The COVID-19 swept away the whole of China leaving only those who had a very strong systems . From there, the virus spread to other countries through in contact with people who are affected with the virus. 

Yesterday we were bombarded with a very disturbing news in Johannesburg after two Lions and a puma had tested positive for the coronavirus. The ENCA news report shows that these animals felt sick soon after t2 of their workers had contracted the virus. The symptoms of the covid-19 showed few weeks after and they were taken for treatment and recovered three weeks after . The Johannesburg zoo employees were also tested after this discovery and 5 of the employees who had contact with the animals also tested positive.

The university has d Pretoria did their research where they discovered that a new variant was being found after the Genome sequencing on viral samples was taken from the humans and the animals .This can only mean that the coronavirus is here to stay with us. You being advised to take your animals for testing and ensure they avoid having contact with humans in case they contract the virus and create another variant. This has never happened in history but it was expected as the virus was created from animals.

let’s stay safe and remember to always practice the coronavirus steps to keeping you away from getting sick .

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