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The animal that can kill crocodiles

Good day everyone, i hope that you are having a fantastic Sunday so far. Today i want to share with you some jaw dropping photos of jaguars attacking crocodiles.

Crocodiles are large, carnivorous reptiles that you can find in Africa, Australia and some parts of America. They are semiaquatic meaning that they can live on land and in water. Crocodiles are excellent at hunting other animals and have over 80 very sharp teeth. They also have the strongest bite of any animal. They are feared by many other mammals but there are some can attack and even kill crocodiles like the jaguar.

The Jaguar is a cat species, large and power belonging to the Genus panthera family. They can weigh around 90-96 kg's. They have pale, yellow colored fur and is covered by spots. They also run very fast. A jaguar's razor sharp teeth can cause fatal damage to it's victim.

Let's take a look at some pictures of jaguars attacking crocodiles. Thanks for reading.


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