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Woman finds huge frog inside bowl of ice cream she bought from a store (video)

A lady took to social media to share a photo of the huge frog she discovered inside a ice cream bowl she bought from the store. Apparently the are give away from frogs when you buy ice cream, although she didn't specify which store did she buy this ice cream this has left social media user bit spooked.

The woman identified as Tracy wiemelt holtman revealed that she bought ice cream and I was sealed when she left the store. We she got home to open it she discovered a frozen frog I under the cover. How did the frog get in the ice cream bowl in the first place, it's not the stores fault. When it was delivered it was sealed so it probably entered before the bowl was sealed in the factory. She has to take it back and ask for a refund no one wants to eat frog flavoured ice cream.

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