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3 Poisonous Fishes That May Lead To Kidney Failure With Some Other Health Damages We Should Avoid

There are some fish that have a higher likelihood of causing harm to human health than others. The explanation for this is the high quantities of mercury in their bodies.

Mercury is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in the environment as one of the naturally occurring elements. The majority of the time, this element may be found in the earth's crust in the form of inorganic compounds such as mercury salts. They can also be found in the atmosphere and in the ground.

They may also be found as organic mercury compounds, such as methylmercury, which is generated when inorganic mercury in the air reacts with an organic molecule such as carbon to form methylmercury. It may also occur when such chemicals attach to droplets of water and travel through soil, rivers, or seas, which are natural homes for the majority of the fish we consume on a daily basis, and into our bodies of water. Some fishes that are at the top of the food chain in their aquatic habitats are more likely to have elevated mercury levels in their bodies than others.

Mercury intoxication is a condition that may arise when a person consumes contaminated foods on a regular basis, causing mercury to accumulate in the body. There are a variety of illnesses that might result as a result of this, including renal failure, reproductive issues, lung ailments, and heart diseases.

Listed below are three species of fish that have high mercury amounts and can cause harmful effects in human bodies.

1. Yellowfin Tuna (also known as Big Eye Tuna)

Big eye Tuna, a type of fish with considerably high mercury contents, can retain an average mercury load of 0.689 parts per million (ppm) and a high mercury load of 1.816 parts per million (ppm).

2. King Mackerel

This kind of mackerel is significantly distinct from the common mackerel.

It is safe to consume and has some health advantages when eaten in moderation, however this specific species contains around 0.73ppm of mercury on average and may reach 1.67ppm under severe situations, making it dangerous to consume in large quantities.

3. The Swordfish

These species are well-known for being among the most significant causes of mercury pollution. They include an average mercury load of 0.995 parts per million (ppm) and the maximum mercury loading of 3.22 parts per million (ppm).

Always make sure you ask the right questions when you are at a commercial seafood shop so that you don't end up purchasing any of these fishes without realizing it.

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