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“You’re a giraffe”, Young Man Becomes Laughing Stock After Uploading Display Picture


A young man from Kwa Langa in the Western Cape goes viral and is ridiculed after changing his profile picture. People noticed that his neck is unusually long and somehow that made them happy.

Laughing at someone’s physical traits is discriminating on them for something they cannot change and doing it on social media for everyone to see is cyber bullying. 

Many people in South Africa have taken their lives because of this gruesome act and it should have stopped a long time ago, but yet people still continue to be bullied. No human being should be referred to as a giraffe only because he has a long neck. As a people, we should never get to a point of finding joy in other people’s pain and struggle.

The beautiful thing about this story however is that the young man edited the picture and his neck is not that long in real life. But his post still showed how insensitive people are.

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