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Mosquito bites: natural remedies that help reduce swelling and itching

Mosquito bites can cause swelling and an annoying itch, but there are simple natural remedies to deflate the affected area and relieve redness and itching. These are remedies that you can use even in emergencies: in this way you will avoid scratching yourself, feeling immediate relief.

With the arrival of summer, also mosquitoes punctually return with their annoying bites that cause itching and swelling. Adults, and especially children, are the favorite targets of these insects: in urban centers, the particularly aggressive tiger mosquito is very common. 

The first thing to do is to try to keep mosquitoes away by using natural remedies such as essential oils, anti-mosquito plants, and natural repellents to avoid them getting close, but anyway it can happen to be stung despite precautions.

What to do then? Here are some natural remedies against mosquito bites, simple tips that will allow you to reduce itching and swelling in a short time, without resorting immediately to creams and drugs. This provided that you do not suffer from allergies: in these cases, it is important to ask your doctor about it.

From ice to lemon juice to relieve the swelling caused by mosquito bites

Mosquito bites immediately cause swelling in the affected area: the first remedy to reduce swelling is ice to be applied to the skin wrapped in a cotton cloth. The cold will help to tighten the blood vessels, blocking the spread of toxins released by the mosquito; anyway, to avoid burns, it is important not to apply the ice directly on the skin. Another effective remedy to deflate the mosquito bites is the onion, a grandmother remedy with an unpleasant smell but of sure efficacy, just rub half an onion on the affected area to immediately minimize the swelling.

Alternatively, you can then use honey: apply a few drops on the bite, cover and leave for half an hour. In case of excessive swelling, you can also apply a drop of honey mixed with a teaspoon of bicarbonate: thanks to its antiseptic virtues, honey will avoid infections, while bicarbonate will carry out a purifying and disinfectant action. Another natural remedy is the lemon: thanks to its antiseptic properties, it will help to disinfect the area immediately, preventing the swelling from spreading: apply a few drops and massage gently.

From salt to aloe vera to calm the itch

There are also natural remedies to alleviate the classic itching caused by mosquito bites. The simplest and most immediate remedy is salt: dip the affected part in a solution of water and salt for a few minutes to get immediate relief.

Menthol also has a beneficial effect on itching: for children you can use menthol talc, which is usually used in case of chickenpox and hives, just to prevent the child from scratching. Also excellent is menthol oil, but also that of eucalyptus, which helps immediately to get rid of the itching sensation. Alternatively, you can use toothpaste, obviously better if based on menthol, a last-minute remedy that can be valuable against itching: leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse.

If you want a soothing effect also from the redness, then the ideal things are the calendula oil, the essential mint oil, the tea tree oil, which calms the irritation, but also the aloe vera, thanks to its soothing properties: apply the aloe vera gel on the bite to remove itching and redness. As an alternative to aloe vera, you can also use chamomile extract or sweet almond oil.


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