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Meet The Biggest Whale In The World


The fact that whales are the biggest animals on Earth is not surprising. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of sizes even among whales.

We're going to discover some fascinating information about the largest whale in the world today as we learn more about it.

What Whale Is The World's Biggest?

The largest animal currently residing on Earth is the blue whale from Antarctica. Surprisingly, a lot of scientists think it was the largest mammal that ever existed.

These aquatic mammals are surprisingly large—larger than any hypothetical dinosaur.

The height of Antarctic blue whales is typically greater than 100 feet.

They are the same length as a professional basketball court or two school buses parked end to end, to put this in context.

Largest Blue Whale Observed in History

A female blue whale found in the South Atlantic in 1909 at the South Georgia whaling station holds the record for the longest blue whale. The length of this whale was 110 feet, 17 inches.

She was not, however, the heaviest whale ever discovered. That distinction belongs to a different female who was discovered in the Southern Ocean of Antarctica in 1947 and weighed 418,878 pounds.

Blue Whale Heart

The average blue whale heart weighs 1,000 pounds when it is completely mature. Similar to a concert grand piano, that! The size of whale hearts makes the human heart, which weighs roughly 0.77 pounds (about the same as a can of chicken soup), appear incredibly small.

Even more amazing is the fact that the majority of adult men could fit inside the blue whale's heart.

The heart of a blue whale only beats 8 to 10 times each minute, which is astounding enough on its own. Therefore, a blue whale's heart is able to circulate more than 1,160 gallons of blood through its body every minute. One gallon of blood is circulated through the body by the 60 to 80 times per minute that human hearts beat on average.

Whale Brain Size at its Largest

The majority of "world's largest" records belong to blue whales, but the sperm whale holds the record for having the world's largest brain. More than five times the size of a human brain, which is 80 in3, an adult sperm whale's brain measures roughly 500 in3. More than six times as heavy as a human's brain, the sperm whale's brain weighs roughly 20 pounds.

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