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Meet The Tribe That Lives In a National Park And Wears Horns On Their Heads (Photos)

In the southern Omo Valley, near the Kenyan border, the Murzu tribe is by far the most populous ethnic group in the lower Omo Valley, a distance of around 100 km north of the Kenyan frontier. 

They inhabit the Mago National Park in their tens of thousands. Animals and crops are both raised along the Omo River's banks. The Mursi live year-round, and are not nomadic. Among the tribe's women, mouth plates are popular. 

Piercing the mouths of all teenage girls, teenage girls are having small wooden rods inserted. The space is made larger, and clay is put instead of the wood. 

You like it. 

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Women are traditionally bought as payment for cattle. The more livestock the girl's father is able to gather with each plate of clay he can create. In other instances, a woman has been given up in exchange for as many as 100 animals. 

Applying lip plates is more than just a way to attract foreigners; it is also a way to represent the Mursi culture. Those who do not wear a lip plate are labeled "Karkarre" (lazy) or "a person who rejects the Mursi culture." 

It's unfair that the lip-plate, a large and burdensome piece of jewelry, is forced on married women who must wear it during festivals, festivities, or other social activities like dance and singing. People in this tribe are known for wearing animal horns. 

How do you feel about that? What do you think?

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