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Meet the two ex-Chiefs players who are hunters

In South Africa hunting licences and permits are required in all nine provinces. Different terms and conditions are applicable to each permit or licence for each province. Some provinces do not require a permit to hunt on exempted farms while other provinces require licences even if the landowner had been exempted for the regulation of a certain species.

According to the law it is generally accepted that hunting is not allowed during the months of the year that do not have the letter "r" in them. For example by law hunting in South Africa is not allowed in May, June, July and August.

One would think that hunting is largely practiced by ordinary citizens of the country but even well known personality do take it as a hobby. In the football world in South Africa we have two well known former Kaizer Chiefs players who love going out for a hunt. Out of curiosity we have since decided to find out who are these two ex-Chiefs players.

1. Derrick Spencer

The former Kaizer Chiefs defensive midfielder often takes to Instagram to share pictures during his hunting trips. The KZN born player is usually pictured carrying a heavy assault rifle during those trips. In several instances Spencer has also taken to IG to share pictures next to his "kill".

At his stage it is safe to say that Derrick Spencer is not a rookie but a veteran when it comes to hunting.

2. Kgotso Moleko

Besides being a well known footballer in South Africa, Kgotso Molemo is also a proud owner of a farm. During the off season he usually spend most of his time on his farm. Early this year he took to IG to share a rare picture of himself during one of his hunting trips with his "kill".

It is also safe to say that he is also not a rookie as his hunting trip was a success.

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