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Do you remember the gorilla that melted peoples hearts with a pose? Check what happened to her.

Being a caregiver can never be an easy job whether you are caring for people or animals that is a connection that can not be explained.

Something bad happened to the gorilla that once melted people's hearts.

In 2019 a picture was shared on Instagram showing two Mountain gorillas and rangers. What got people's attention was how perfect one of the gorillas was posing almost like a human.

In her picture she was standing relaxed on two feet with her belly out since then she became famous but what most people don't know is that she passed away on 26 September 2021, it is said that she was sick and died at the hands of the caregiver Mr. Andre Bauma.

Ndajadi was only two months, old when he was found by the rangers sitting next to her mother who was a short-armed militia, you can imagine the pain that Andre is going through is the same as losing a loved one.

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