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Kill it, Boil it, Crush it, Deprive It Of Food for years, It Doesn't Die.

TARDIGRADES, sometimes known as water bears or moss piglets, are a phylum of aquatic, eight-legged segmented micro-animals that live on the surface of water. They were initially reported in 1773 by the German biologist Johann August Ephraim Goeze, who dubbed them "little water bears" because of their small size. The tardigrade, a microscopic critter that has become popular on the internet, may one day save your life. Attempting to kill a tardigrade is practically impossible.

The creature will crawl back to life no matter how harsh the treatment (freezing, boiling, crushing, radioactive zapping, depriving it of food and water for years!).

... will continue to live for around 10 billion years, come hell or high water. Tardigrades that had been frozen solid for 30 years have been coaxed back to life by researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara. To live, the water bear may enter a type of sleep state, but tardigrades only have a lifespan of ten years on this planet.

2.If a female ferret does not have s"x for a year, she will perish.

When you leave their lives, they may experience a time of intense grieving, and they may even succumb to loneliness. It is possible to die as a result of a lack of s*x. Female ferrets achieve s*xual maturity between the ages of 4-6 months. Once they reach s*xual maturity, they remain in this state eternally until they reproduce. Aplastic anemia, a dangerous illness that can lead to death, develops as a result of receiving high estrogen levels over an extended period of time. If breeding does not take place, a veterinarian can assist in bringing a ferret out of heat if this is the case.


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German Johann August Ephraim


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