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Just Like Our Mothers, See How Monkeys Feed Their Little Babies

This article compares and contrasts the lifestyles of humans and animals.

Animals were formed in such a way by God that they are similar to people; some animals have human characteristics that you would be shocked to learn about. I'm not talking about insects when I say animals; I'm talking about mammals like monkeys, dogs, and others.

Monkeys are creatures that are quite similar to humans; they share many of our characteristics and behave similarly to humans.

One aspect of this Monkeys' lifestyle that I admire is their maternal instinct; I adore them for it. It is acceptable to assume that monkeys are sometimes better mothers than most people since they are more human.

A Mother Monkey would become pregnant and carry her infant in her womb, then love and care for it after it was born. She would show it unconditional love and care, which is difficult for most humans to do.

These monkeys, like human mothers, cuddle and cradle their young, pet them, carry them on their backs, and, most importantly, feed them. Monkeys and humans have a striking resemblance in that they carry their children on their laps and feed them like humans. Take a look at the lovely photos below.

Can you see how similar our lifestyles are? We are practically identical, and these creatures have sentiments just like we do.

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