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WATCH as a man loses his finger after a lion bit it out at a ZOO | Full Video

We all make stupid decisions and regret them after but then these are usually decisions that won't put our lives in serious danger.

A video of a man whom his finger was bitten off by a lion has left the internet shaking up with disbelief

Watch the video here

In the video the man was trying to 'impress' tourist by placing his fingers on the lion's mouth and playing around with it.

The lion then bit his finger and never let go of it even when the man was trying hard to pull it away from its mouth which resulted in his finger getting out.

Saffas who watched the video felt no sympathy for the man as most labelled this "stupidity" with some saying that "he learnt his lesson".

This is really sad news as much as we make mistakes we must learn to sympathize with the man and hope that he is well.

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