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Humans are not fair to animals: see what a man did to a monkey

Animals were created specifically for human food, and this is what happened after the world was devastated by water, according to the Bible. After that, the creator gave mankind the command to devour animals.

People have been slaughtering animals for food and sacrifice for hundreds of years. Our forefathers express grief for sacrificing these creatures even before they kill them.

In our various houses, a drop of water is given to the hen before she is slaughtered to symbolize remorse; nevertheless, contemporary humans do not display any type of pain when slaughtering an animal. We have no regard for the creatures. In any case, when drivers notice animals crossing the road, they may sometimes hunt them down with their autos. Is this how it should be?

This is what we're talking about: how can you kill an animal and insult it before chewing on it? They're supposed to be chewed, yet we have to feel sorry for them. When I eat, I occasionally feel guilty.

The secret of this post is that animals are more than just animals; they are our spiritual guides, which is why we sacrifice them. Before we slaughter them, let us show them some respect.

It's also important to remember that not all animals are "eatable."

This monkey appears to be depressed and dissatisfied with the man.

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