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Funny Pictures And Jokes for fun

A man standing at the lake's edge noticed a woman wandering around in the deep water. The man cried for rescue since he couldn't swim. A trout fisherman dashed up to me. "The man stated," he said "My wife is drowning, and I am unable to save her. Please come to her aid. I'll give you a hundred dollars for your trouble." The angler jumped into the water.

He reached the woman in ten hard strokes, wrapped his arm around her, and swam back to shore. "Alright, where's my hundred dollars?" the fisherman replied as he brought her to the man's feet. "The man claimed," he continued "I assumed it was my wife when I saw her go down for the third time. This is, however, my sister-in-law."

1. This is the true definition of evil.

* If your goat goes missing, the smell of your neighbor's food gets suspicious.

* After using cannabis, my friend went to get a recharge card and demanded nylon.

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