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Remember The Almighty 30feet Whale That Was Butchered With A "Chain-Saw" in Ijaw-Kiri, Bayelsa State

Last year, residents of Brass Local Government Area in Bayelsa State had the opportunity to slaughter a 30-foot whale. The whale was observed on the beach between the settlements of Okpoama and Onyekia.

Chief Berebofa Ebi-Johnson, an Okpoama indigene, told BBC that when the community people first discovered the whale, they had no idea whether it was living or hibernating, but like the fishermen that they are, they thanked God for it and jumped in to butcher the one they could capture.

Chief Berebofa stated that this was the third time a whale washed up on the community's beach. He added that the first occurred in 1983/1984 and the second occurred recently in 2017 (when a dead blue whale washed up on the community's shore) and it took a total of seven villages three days to butcher the entire thing. And the most recent was last year, which took the entire village three days to butcher. With one man bringing a chain saw to the shore to more effectively butcher the whale.

The photograph above depicts the community's magnificent feasting on the 30 foot whale. I'm sure you've heard the story but may have missed the opportunity to see the colossal whale; now you may feast your eyes on the images captured above.

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