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The Ostrich Tribe Is The Name Given To Them. Have A Look At The Tribe's Rarely Seen Two Toes

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Africa is inexhaustibly blessed. We have the rarest items on the planet, and evidence of this can be seen all over the continent. From culture to music, food to art, tradition to mankind, and on and on. Whatever you imagine about Africa changes the moment you set foot on the continent.

Because of technological advancements, we now have a competitive advantage in many areas. While we're talking about the rarest things in Africa, I'd like to draw your attention to the VaDoma tribe in Zimbabwe. If you think you've seen everything all in Africa, the VaDoma ostrich foot tribe will change your mind.

Have you heard or seen anything about this unique tribe? They have two unique toes that defy all you know about people and mobility. The VaDoma tribe is also known as the Dema or Doma. They are a hunter-gatherer tribe who live in the Kanyema area, near the Zambezi River Valley's beginnings.

The tribe is well-known for possessing the rare genetic disorder Ectrodactyly, sometimes known as lobster claw syndrome. This is the birth absence of one or more fingers or toes.

Only one in every four children in the vaDoma group has the inherited dominant genetic mutation that damages their feet. Their middle three toes are missing, and their two outside toes are turned in. Ectrodactyly is the name given by medical professionals to this toe ailment. It is a genetic mutation that is inherited as a dominant trait. Some speculate that the mutation may have adaptive value if it aids in tree climbing. The defect is more likely to remain prominent in the Vadoma due to a tiny genetic pool among the Vadoma. Because it is against tribal law for members to marry outside the tribe, the two-toed affliction does not spread to other tribes.

The tribe is also known as the "two-toed" or "ostrich-footed" tribe. Those with the ailment, however, are not regarded disabled in the community, and it is believed that their toes allow them to climb trees more easily.

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Africa Ostrich Tribe


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