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Mokopane: A 43 year old man has died after he got bitten by a venous snake while cutting firewood.

Tragedy struck when a 43 years old man was certified dead after he was bitten by a venomous snake in a farm in Mokopane.

According to reports the 43 year old man was cutting firewoods in the farm and didn't see the snake next to him. Sadly he passed away from the venom of the deadly snake.

South Africa is going through the coldest winter and continous loadshedding. The other problem is the high cost of electricity.

People usually go out and get Firewood in the bushes. They then light the fire in order to cook and keep warm.

Unfortunately while fetching firewoods one needs to be vigilant because there are snakes that come out seeking the warmth of the sun.

Snakes are usually slow in winter because of the cold making it difficult to spot them until it is too late. Our deepest condolences to the poor man who lost his life trying to take care of his family the only way a poor man could.


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