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Saving water is very important

Water is the most important resource on earth, that the living being cannot live without. Water can be used in many things it is not only important on living beings. Water can be used for direct and indirect purposes that include bathing, drinking, and cooking while examples indirect are the use processing wood to make papers. Water is use for agriculture and electricity.

It is not only important on human being it is also do many things, if the water on our planet ever run out, it would be very bad for human beings and animals. All the living being on earth are dependent on water like animals, flowers.

That is why saving water is very important. There are many ways to save water

  1. Don't live the tap running while brushing your teeth, washing your hands etc.
  2. Avoid taking the shower instant use the bath tube or bucket to have a bath.
  3. Don't allow children to use the taps because they can leave the tap dripping.

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