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Here are some facts about the Guinea Fowl

Consider these Guinea Fowl Facts:

Guinea fowl are a rare breed of chicken in Nigeria. If you can afford it, you could, for example, collect the egg from the bush or buy it from a market vendor. In this section, I'll go into detail about the unique qualities of this kind of bird.

You'll agree with me that the Guinea fowl is one of Nigeria's most beautiful birds if you've ever seen one. Because of their appeal, some people have started raising them as poultry.

Guinea fowl can forage for food and water on their own, making them self-sufficient. In part, this is due to their lower food consumption costs, which is one of the reasons they are trained.

It is possible for guinea fowl to fly, however unlike hawks and eagles, guinea fowl do not deposit eggs in the sky. As with those birds, they lay their eggs on the ground rather than in a nest.

Guinea fowl can be more beneficial for farmers to purchase and raise as poultry because of their superior disease resistance than other poultry species.

While in the bush or poultry, Guinea hens may often produce a loud noise that sounds like someone laughing while laying an egg.

In the wild, you can clearly see them moving in groups. As a group, they fly together and are aware of any potential dangers they may face.

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