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Video| Cockroaches Used To Cure Stomach Illnesses, Common Cold And As Diet Pills


A lot of people regard cockroaches as pests and if these tiny crawlers are anywhere in their homes, they buy pesticides to kill them. People are generally disgusted by cockroaches and always looking for ways to get rid of them.

In winter, cockroaches hide away anywhere they can easily find food. They prefer warm places, and unless the home is fumigated, they double in numbers and come out during the warmer season.

However, in another part of the world, cockroaches are kept for one reason, for medicinal purposes. In a video that is going viral on social media, it has been reported that in South Western China, some farmers keep cockroaches and use them to cure illnesses like stomach cramps and the common cold.

It has also been reported that researchers are interested in using them for hair loss remedies and as diet pills as well.

They use certain rooms on their farms mainly for breeding roaches, and once they gave enough roaches, they crush them and use them in their products.

According to a researcher, the bugs are used in Chinese traditional medicine, and some companies use them in waste disposal, which will then be used as a fertilizer.

On the other hand, ordinary citizens buy and eat them. In most cases, the roaches are fried and are considered a tasty treat.

According to the masses, it will be a good business opportunity for them to export the roaches as they are disgusted by them. They add that they would never be caught eating roaches and that they would rather endure poverty than be caught feasting on pests.

Different strokes for different folks, right? In South Africa, some eat tripe and Mopani worms while others eat chicken feet. No one judges them because it is considered food.

In the same breath, no one should criticize roach farmers or those that eat roaches.

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