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People are angry as Boksburg man keeps a tiger as a pet, next to a nursery school.

While many people love animals, like cats and dogs, and make them a part of their lifestyle. Some people take their love for animal a bit too far. Owning large snakes and reptiles might be allowed, but a lot of times they are not safe. A current case that has been going viral around South Africa however has me shocked. A man who owns a giant cat I'd currently being investigated by the SPCA. Here's all the details.

Some big cats are illegal to own :

The Boksburg SPCA currently investigating a man after it was found out that he owned and was keeping as a pet, a large cat. That cat being a Tiger, which it is illegal to own. The tiger was being kept at a home in an area called Impala park, however what's scarier than that is that the home is a direct neighbor to a nursery school. Exotic and wild animals are a curiosity for many people. However people take that curiosity too far, bringing these animals into their homes.

While this case is currently ongoing and we are awaiting updates, South Africans had their own say on the matter and it's safe to say they are not happy.

Quite a few people expressed the sentiment that animals like these should not be kept in captivity. They deserve to be in the wild.

Other people were scared of what would happen if the animal ever got out.

Another big part of this case is that the animal is kept near a nursery school, some people believe it's not properly kept away and may be able to escape, citing the lack of mesh wire.

This is a particularly shocking case as a large animal like this being kept in a residential area will worry many people, however now it's beside a place where children attend school daily. What do you thinks should be the result of this case, what should happen to the animal and what should happen to the owner. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it it happens.

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