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These Animals Can Defeat And Kill A Komodo Dragon


Komodo dragons are vicious, lethal beasts, but is there anything or anyone that can defeat them? A Komodo dragon can be killed by diseases, injuries, or other predators.

How Dangerous Are Komodo Dragons?

The world's largest reptiles, Komodo dragons, are recognized for their strength and power. Despite possessing the weakest bite force of any predator, their jaws are packed with sharp, poisonous teeth.

Bacteria from decomposing meat fills their tongues as well. These bacteria strains are capable of causing blood poisoning in any creature bitten by a Komodo dragon.

Large predators occasionally kill baby Komodo dragons, according to Reference.Com. Juvenile dragons spend much of their time up in trees to avoid catching the attention of more hazardous creatures; they do this until they are large enough to fight back.

Humans have the potential and frequency with which to kill Komodo dragons by interfering with their natural habitat and competing for food sources. Humans will occasionally shoot Komodo dragons in self-defense or to keep their animals from being hunted.

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