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Watch : This Is What Is Really Happening In The Durban Beach

What is going on in Durban KwaZulu-Natal has South Africa become a dumping zone, many ordinary members of the public are concerned with a vessel which seemed to have been dumping wasted material in the ocean however the people who know what is going on have clarified things.

This is nothing to be concerned about, its probably a dredging vessel. Transnet Ports Authority usually dredge the harbour to restore its depth so it can accommodate to those big cargo vessels so they can remain floating, while they load or unload cargo. What you seeing there is just sand.

It’s not harmful at all, it’s a dredger and they just taking sand back. A dredge is a machine that scoops or suctions sediment from the bottom of waterways, or is used to mine materials underwater.

The incident had caused quite the scare at the beach and some people even jumped out, because they feared that this might be something which is harmful and bad for the body.

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