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Giant Snakes, The Perfect Places To Look For Giant Snakes

Giant snakes are very beautiful but scary creatures,because of all the mischief that they caused in the history books including the Bible. Snakes are known as enemies to men and are present in a lot of old stories that often have morals in them. There is a story in South Africa about how giant snakes are supernatural and offer wealth to people in distress. They call this snake kibatta, the myth states that you have to go and look for this giant snake in the deep wilderness until you find it. Then it will follow you home and give you luck so you become wealthy. All you need to do is to bring a fully grown cow home for it to devour each 3 months. It is believed that the snake is Satan in disguise. These stories further fuel the fear around snakes. If you want to find yourself a very large snake, Here are a few places that you can look. Large snakes like being underwater because it reduces the amount of stress on their heavy bodies. Big snakes relatively like to hang around the hidden shallow water in the part of the river where people don't normally go. Find yourself a shallow clean area in the river with small trees growing out of it. Most of the time if you look you will see snake patterns because they like to lay there and relax. Another favorite hiding spot is under big boulders that have decayed because of water passing under them. They like to lay in the part thats decayed under the water. Pythons like rocky places, when it's hot outside go to the rocky part of the river or bushveld. I promise you that you will find a giant Python or Anaconda basking in the sun. There's nothing like seeing a giant snake out in nature with your own two eyes,happy hunting.

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Giant Snakes South Africa


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