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People who eat termites should read this

Africa is a continent with full of indegenous food especialy during rainy season like summer. When it is raining you will start to see more insects moving around and others fly all over the place and different kind of butter flies. There are certain insects consumed by people and when it is raining it is opportunity for people to catch this insects.

If you go to a hill in the wild maybe 2 days after rainfall, you will find holes on the hill with one big opening at the center of the hill. This holes are made by termites after rainfall to show that they can start rebuilding the hull upwards. People on the villages go there with buckets and containers to pick up those termites and fill their containers. But you must be careful when picking them up because their bite is very painful. This termites have sharp teeth that tear flesh through.

So if you are nit careful you will be bitten badly. After picking them up you go home and kill them by pouring hot water inside the bucket. Within 10 minutes they will be dead then after that you can wash them and put them in a pot so that you can cook them. People say they are very tasteful and delicious when cooked with onion, tomatoe, salt and cooking. But that depend on how you like them.

Termites are eaten around the world including in Africa, Asia and South America. Usually, these insects are eaten to increase protein and fat consumption in rural areas or areas that experience higher rates of malnutrition. This is because they are high in amino acids and can be found some what easily.

Termites are among the most popular types of edible insects. In edible insect friendly areas of the world, the taste of termites is undeniably enjoyed by most people. Apparently termites make for the perfect type of comfort food, only they are nutritious, unlike chips and other comfort foods.

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