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Look out to this animal when you are crossing a river

Africa is full of different kind of animals and people around the world come to africa for tourist attraction because of it's animals compared to other continents. We have dangerous animals that are threat to people and this animals are mostly living in the wild while some of them are captured in the game reserved or zoos. This animals should not be provoked especialy if they have babies.

Hippo is one of the most dangerous animal in the world and people are reportedly to have been killed by this animal if it feels threatened. This animal mostly live in water or at the river banks, that's where it spent its time because the skin of this animal is too soft so when the sun is too hot it will submerge under the water just to cool down and when the sun goes down it will come out.

Of all the wild animals in Africa, the hippo is regarded as the most dangerous to both humans and other animals. It is said that hippos kill more than 430 people every year. This is an average of 3 people every two days.

If you come across Hippo in the wild you must make sure you run as fast as you can and you must avoid going to river banks where it might given birth to younger onces. Hippos are aggressive and are considered very dangerous. They have large teeth and tusks that they use for fighting off threats including humans. Sometimes, their young fall victim to adult hippos' tempers. During a fight between two adults, a young hippo caught in the middle can be seriously hurt or even crushed.

Hippos stay submerged in the water during the day in order to protect their skin from the sun. Hippos despite their menacing appearance do not hunt and in fact eat only grass. By living in lush areas, hippos reduce the distances they have to travel in search for food.

Hippos are huge animals with fearsome tusks and aggressive natures but they mainly eat plants. Despite their grass heavy diets and all the adaptations that make them great grazers, hippos have been known to eat their fair share of meat.

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