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Lets Take A Look At Animals That Mourns Death And Have Funerals Like Human Beings

The experience of losing a loved one is humiliating, and it leaves you with many unanswered questions. Some individuals take a long time to forget, while others leave you with lasting recollections.

This has been seen to be duplicated by certain animals who grieve in the same way as humans do.


Elephants communicate with their deceased relatives in a unique yet different manner. According to some studies, these creatures are extremely intelligent and sensitive. Something unique about them is that when there is a death, even non-family people show an interest.


When their offspring die, chimp moms respond similarly to human mothers. After death, a chimp mother continues to care for her child until she or he decomposes beyond recognition.


Sea species, like terrestrial animals, lament the loss of their companions. Dolphins have been seen protecting their deceased on several occasions. They also value human life, as seen by incidents in which they assisted people in peril in the sea.

Death rites have also been seen in giraffes, baboons, geladas, macaques, gorillas, and lemurs.

Source: Celeb Gossip

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