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ONE Giant Female Anaconda vs Countless Males, The Mating Ball

Large snakes are very secretive creatures which thrive best in the deep rain forest. The anaconda calls the Amazon forest home, this is where you find the most of their population. The Green anaconda is the largest growing up to 9 metres long and even longer. The smaller anacondas live on the lower plains of the rain forest and compete for food with the native caiman. The caiman in the Amazon is the anacondas direct competitor for food. This is a hassle because they live and hunt in the same water. This often leads to feuds that further fuel the hatred. The largest anacondas live above the Waterfalls where there is no competition whatsoever, no other animal can scale the habitat and reach the top. The anaconda is king above the Waterfalls. This is where food is most plentiful because they are the apex predator up there. When Mating season comes close the females go on a journey. They leave hormones in the air for the smaller male anacondas to follow. The larger anacondas are the females,the smaller ones are the males. The male anacondas will follow the scent of the hormones with their tongue until they find the young female. Once they get there they want to reproduce, but other males are on the way as well. You can find up to ten males trying to fertilize a female anaconda. It is like a wrestling match which can only end up with one winner. The winner will be the male who gets to fertilize the female and produce offspring. These are just the ways of nature and we can judge them, It's all in the way that God wanted the Earth to be

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Amazon Anaconda Green Mating Ball Waterfalls


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