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Two people bitten by snakes in Durban while trying to do this

After two poisonous stiletto snakebites were reported in the greater Durban area, snake rescuer Nick Evans renewed his warning to the public not to pick up snakes. 

Evans remarked that while he appreciated the good intentions of the two people who were bitten, the pain was not worth it.

"Both patients are on the mend, thankfully." If you see a snake and don't think it's venomous, please, please, please don't touch it. "It's not worth the suffering," he declared. 

He claims that the rain and heat have created ideal circumstances for this poisonous snake. 

"While their bite isn't fatal, the cytotoxic venom causes swelling, discomfort, blistering, and tissue damage," he explained.

Evans claims that the majority of bites seen in Durban, regardless of species, occur as a result of someone attempting to pick up or kill one. 

If a member of the public spots a snake, he advises them to leave it alone and call a snake removal service for guidance or removal. 

Evans said he's compiling data on snake bites in the Durban area and that members of the public can contact him to report a bite.


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