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Zimbabweans crossing a river to South Africa on a tractor, leaves social media in awe


A video of two Zimbabwean crossing the river to South Africa riding a tractor has caught the eye of the public. The video was shot early hours of today when a group of Zimbabwean were crossing the crocodile river to make it to South Africa.

The video is showing the men taking the tractor inside the water. When people thought the tractor won't come out of the water. Within minutes the tractor resurfaced from the river. They crossed without drowning in the water. The trick seemed to work for them as they claim to chase away crocodiles from approaching them.

On social media people realized that it takes creativity and thinking for some people to find a way forward in life. Most South Africans don't understand what poverty means, this video proved to many that seeking greener pastures comes with sacrifices. Going all out for what you need as a person.

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