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Do not be scared if you having dreams about snakes

Don't be scared if you having dreams about Snakes. They're your protectors, your ancestors, your guides, more especially brown or black one's.

Aslong as the snake doesn't bite you. If it bites you, then it's witchcraft, you need to go and consult if you had a dream about a snake biting you.

Dream of seeing lots of snakes can sometimes mean that.and sometimes your ancestors when they come to you they reveal themselves as ancestors.

It’s time to choose your friends better, be aware of coworkers and also people around you.they will kill you while they laugh with you.we call them backstabbing

When dreaming of many snakes, your subconscious mind asks you to pay attention to the quality of your company and realize the possibility of mass betrayal.

 Beware of people who say they want your kindness.because they will kill you.or send your evil curses and they will destroy you .

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