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Mzansi girls almost crushed by raging Elephants at Paul Kruger gate(Watch)

Mzansi girls almost crushed by raging Elephants at Paul Kruger gate.

- An Elephant will most likely not attack a human unprovoked, or should I say if it's the mating season, Or the Elephants are trying to protect they're young. It's often known that elephants become aggressive at Mating season, and second of all they're overprotective.

- This just gives everyone who's going to watch elephants to try they're best and not try to provoke the most peaceful creatures. Recently 2 girls were seen running away from a mob of Raging elephants in Paul Kruger gate.

In the Video we are first shown to 2 young man who were taking videos of the Elephants who were crossing the road, and a few seconds later were see that on the right side of the road their two girls rushing towards they're cars and running a from the elephants. To be precise the two ladies were lucky enough to can survive since the elephants didn't show any signs of interest to them.


The video shocked a lot of people on social media, and many had said that they were lucky to get away with they're own lives. But some social media users were not happy with the young girls as they questioned what they were doing so far away from the other outside they're cars in the wild.

- Here are some of the comments left by Twitter users:

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Mzansi Paul Kruger Raging


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