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Top 1 curiosity about crocodiles

Where do alligators and crocodiles live in the same ecosystem?

Others have mentioned it, and so will I:

Anyone who denies the existence of a place on earth where crocodiles (left) and alligators (right) coexist is 100% wrong, because there is one: it’s the Everglades of Florida, in the southeastern USA – one of the few places in North America that are hot and humid enough to host a huge amount of reptiles, including American crocodiles and American alligators.

However, you’ll find to your surprise that the gators and the crocs that inhabit the Florida Everglades don’t or rarely get into conflicts with each other. Instead, they are found to be living in perfect harmony with one another, mainly due to habitat partitioning and separate distributions – sure enough, the gator’s range can reach as far north as Virginia, while American crocodiles tend to be confined solely to Florida and anywhere in the tropics of Central America, since they have zero tolerance of the cold.

But truth be told: perfect harmony is sometimes almost perfect, since the two species can engage in dietary overlap that results in intense competition, and thus brutal fights, with devastating outcomes – such outcomes heavily depend upon the size and strength of our contestants.

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