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How To Chase Away Snakes In your Yard Using Salt

How To Remove Snakes From Your House. 

 Find small SALT at least one cup and pour it in your toilet, it will be enough as toxic for everyone dangerous reptiles near your soaking pit. 


 Notice that it is now the reptile season, the snake is the most dangerous, use this formula and your family life is insured. 




 Please, if you are bitten by a scorpion or a snake, I hope you know that there are ways to stop this without going to the hospital. 

 I just scratched the stain, made sure the blood was spilt, then put the lime there to magnetize the poisons 

 The moment the pain was gone I removed it 

 Then I made a garlic paste and rubbed it into the stain, everything will disappear 

 Either you squeeze the fruit or simply cut it and place it on the bloody leg, the contact with the blood is important 

 Little by little you will feel that the pain comes out of you. 



 Also if you still want to live your life this is for rainy days,

 after you've limed off the poisons make a paste of any of the four herbs listed above and apply it and then rest, shikena 


 you don't need an ambulance,

 You don't need chemicals. 

 No, I joke about citrus fruits, they are always in my house oranges, lemons, limes Because they m I save 

 every time I urinate and it is yellow I just boil Jenga in water and squeeze an orange, lemon, li month, drink. 


 And the next urine will clear again 


 Every time my urine smells bad because of my love for excess protein, I do the same. 

 This is leading to the kidney problems you have heard about. Start from here 

 Because people don't have this secret, they run to the hospital and compose everything 

 I just leaked a secret. 

 So if you miss urine colour, it smells bad, do the necessary 


 I hope we always apply everything, that we learn here. 




 Keep 1 or 2 bottles of Cola or Pepsi in the kitchen. If it suddenly burns, just open the bottle, shake it quickly, and spray on the fire. She this with everyone you know. 

 Please share so that others can benefit.

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