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Bees attacking people, have a look at the photos

Good day everyone, i hope that you are having a lovely Tuesday. Today i want to share with you photographs of bees attacking people.

Bees are insects that have wings, they are known for their roll in honey making and in pollination. There are over 16,000 species of bees that exist worldwide. Bees are found everywhere except for Antartica. They feed on nectar from flowers and pollen.

Some people are highly allergic to bee stings. Just one bite is enough to kill them. Queen honey bees can live for an average of one to two years. Worker bees live for an average of 15-38 days in summer and 150-200 days during the winter.

Bees are dangerous if they are flying in a swarm. If they sit on you, you are in trouble.

Let's take a look at some photos of people attacked by bees.

Thank you kindly for reading, please share.

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