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Most of Durban beaches could be forced to close down soon because of this

Many Durban beaches might be forced to close after sewage spills are becoming more common.


That is a warning from advocate groups who say sewage spills are becoming more common in the world. Our government is failing to fix much sewage and they damage most beaches in Durban.

This is the result of poor maintenance, sewages are everywhere and if people don't stand up for their country, everything will be a mess and we will end up being like other countries. People will end up running to other countries for jobs and basic foods.

Khumalo said" lets us stop focusing on alcohol and stand up as youth of the country and fix it, pointing on each won't help anything, we must put politics aside because does what they want to destroy our country with alcohol.

No one can come and fix our country if not us, let's make sure we stop this before is too late. If we are not careful they will take ownership of all public spaces, minerals, wealth, and even your autonomy. All of this will be done in the name of creating a better safe world.

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