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The worlds largest frogs, have look at the jaw dropping photographs

Good morning kind, beautiful people of South Africa. I hope that everyone has a fantastic Saturday. Today i want to share with you photographs of the world's largest frog.

The world's largest frog is the goliath frog and it also goes by the name giant slippery frog and goliath bullfrog. It belongs to a species of frogs conrauidae. It is the largest living frog in the world and can grow up to 32 centimetres in length and weigh 3.22 kilograms.

The goliath frog is found in Cameroon and equatorial Guinea. They live near fast flowing rivers that have sandy bottoms.

The goliath frog can live up to 15 years but they are often eaten by snakes, crocodiles, rock moniters etc.

If you don't have a fear for frogs then check out these jaw dropping photos.

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Have a great week-end.

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