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Venda threatens to buy the whole of KwaZulu Natal just to teach Zulus to be humble

Sifiso Hlophe Must Fall had risen to prominence after the emergence of Vendas, who had vowed to purchase the whole province of KZN in order to teach Zulus some respect. Sifiso is the Zulu man who had previously referred the Vendas as "the worthless tribe." Sifiso was expressing his dissatisfaction when it was widely known that Bidvest Wits had been sold to a Venda business associate.

Sifiso has every right to express himself, but he went about it in the wrong manner, and that is the issue. Tribalism is a well-known impediment to the development of this nation. The majority of people in South Africa believe that the only significant tribe is the one to which they belong, and that is all there is to it. At the same time, Zulus think that they are more important than the Vendas, and the Vendas believe that they are more significant than the Zulus. In most instances, Zulus are the ones who are usually associated with tribes since they believe that Zulu is the most strong tribe in comparison to the others.

Vendas then said that they were going to purchase the whole province of KZN in order to force Zulus to respect other tribes as well. This feeling of belonging to a group is the same as xenophobia. We have seen many instances of individuals murdering one other because of their tribal affiliation. Abusing individuals on the basis of whatever tribe they belong to must be handled seriously and eradicated as soon as possible since it is detrimental to our nation.

As long as tribalism exists, the country will always remain the lynchpin of the world's growth and development. We are all the same, whether we are ZULUS or VENDAS, they are all still considered legitimate citizens of this nation. Discriminating against one another is not the proper thing to do. Let us all mature and come together as a country.

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