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Sh0ck as doctor finds cockroach inside patients ear

Some people view cockroaches as harmless. They just close their food and take little action to eliminate them. 

But a man found out the hard way that a cockroach can stroll to avenues he never expected. 

The crawly creature reportedly took up residence in the young man’s ear and kept kicking its legs, causing the patient discomfort and threatening to burst his eardrum.

(Image sorely for illustration)

It kept kicking as it felt trapped inside the ear and it wanted to wander off.

The doctor claimed that the frequent kicking was a health hazard to the man as it could have easily burst his ear drum due to the impact. 

The doctor tried to grab it, but the cockroach was moving, so the doctor decided to anesthetize it, which help in removing it.

The man was lucky to have been discharged soon after the roach was removed as he had not suffered any harm. 


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