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OPINION|| The most disturbing pictures you never seen.

When people travel around the world they come across strange things they never saw before, really shocking things that you will also get frightened or shocked when you see them and we are grateful for those who invented technology because cameras came in hand to capture these disturbing objects and creatures.

People like to capture everything they come across more especially when they are touring they see unusual things so they take pictures to share with others when they a telling story, the next pictures you are about to see are were randomly taken by people who were scared and shocked to see if such things happen or exist in the planet. 

1. A landslide in Taiwan, in this picture you can see that the land or mountain shifted in the middle of the road and it divided the road into two and it looks like the modes of transport can't cross over to the other side, in that case, everyone was stuck.

2. This is a goat from cliffs, it looks like it is stacked in between the rocks, but if you can look carefully it is eating or drinking something. every animal has the skill to survive in its territory, we may look and think that this goat is crazy and it will get hurt but it is like that these animals are used to their environment. That's how the universe created them.

3. I won't feel comfortable working on a site like this, what if the water decides to rise up while you are still working inside? everyone will die surely, remember the nature reactsanyhoww and when it wants to it doesn't alert anybody. Those who are accountable for this job really love their job in such that they risk their lives.

4. Two brave couple swim face-to-face with16-foot saltwater crocodile, it's fun to explore and create memories for yourself but swimming with a crocodile it's beyond risky, what if the cage collapse or the crocodile push it to a rock it will be the end of the. I don't know if it's me or what but there's something odd about this saltwater crocodile it is always standing. 

5. In this picture you can see that this building has collapsed but this is strange because the stairs were not affected, they are still standing strong as nothing happened to the building. 

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