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Video: lady found breastfeeding a snake

Occupants of Nenohwe Village in Zimbabwe have evidently been left in daze after a woman was gotten at her buddy's home breastfeeding a beast snake. 

The Manica Post revealed that Gogo Nenohwe was spotted by a 12-year-old youngster as she breastfed the snake while communicating names of individual inhabitants whom she required her pet to oversee. 

Following the case, the two more established friends Gogo Savie Nenohwe and Gogo Ethel Sithole have been brought under the vigilant gaze of a Chief Mutambara court on charges of dark wizardry. The key eyewitness depicted the event in court on Saturday March 13. 

She said; 

"I saw Gogo Nenohwe breastfeeding a significant snake which had a red material and globules tied around it. Ensuing to breastfeeding it, she took out a plate of food and dealt with the snake. I didn't see what food she was dealing with it, anyway I heard her mumbling names of individual local people and encouraging the snake to oversee them." 

It was stated that after the little youth uncovered the occurrence to Gogo Sithole and understood that she was not taking any action, she told various inhabitants. 

The town head, Molline Nenohwe who was in this path educated regarding the occurrence at that point took the issue to Chief Mutambara. The two women were then brought to the ordinary pioneer's court. 

At the point when Gogo Sithole was asked with respect to whether she took any action after the minor drew the matter out of the shadows, she said she was unable to wander out to the focal's court to make a report. She said; 

"I didn't have money to convey the have an effect to your court. I similarly didn't confront Nenohwe because I understood that once I faced her, I would need to bring the matter under the careful gaze of the focal's court, yet I couldn't do that by then." 

Gogo Sithole's niece, Maria furthermore revealed that she used to give a space to the snake. Maria said; 

"I used to rest in the room where Gogo Nenohwe was seen breastfeeding the snake. The snake stays in that room. I quit using the room consequently and requested that my aunt move me to another room. To a great extent the snake comes out to thrive in the sun." 

Diverse residents in Nenohwe Village furthermore said they have run over a goliath snake that has a red texture tied around it. There are by and by attempts to get the snake and convey it to the regular ruler's court. 

Gogo Nenohwe remained secretive during the gathering and would not draw in the media after the court meeting.

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