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Is this an Anaconda, Giant snake found in Krugersdorp South Africa.

Snakes are both some of the most beautiful and misunderstood animals on the planet, with many people having an irrational fear of them. One of the largest and most of all snakes is the Anaconda. Which has been popularized as a monster in many movies both blockbuster and low budget. In a new set of images from a Facebook group, a South African snake hunter has caught something that looks eerily similar to a green Anaconda. The only problem is that he caught it here in South Africa.

Let me explain :

Tracy Robb was recently called to a farm in Krugersdorp to attend to a large snake that had been spotted. The workers at the farm had wanted to kill it, however luckily the farm owner stopped them and was able to call the snake expert. The snake was caught and safely released in a reserve, where it wouldn't be harmed by humans. This of course still leaves us with the question of is it an Anaconda.

What is it really :

In the images above we can see that the snake looks eerily similar to the Anaconda, which you can see pictured in the images down below. However is it.

Personally I don't believe so, The Anaconda is actually not native to South Africa and instead live in a place called the everglades in America. There are of course a few Anacondas in South Africa, however they are all imported exotic pets. This is more likely a South African Rock Python which is native to South Africa and one of our largest snakes. If you see a snake in public or your home I would advise you do not approach it. Snakes can be dangerous so please contact an expert immediately. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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