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'See 3 Household Chemicals that Chases Snakes Away from Your Home

In their own homes, many homeowners are concerned about what they can do to scare snakes away.

However, many are unaware that some of the things we use on a daily basis are toxic to snakes, and thus cannot be used to scare them away. When a snake enters your home, you will be prepared for what to do. This is the type of information that I want to share with you today.

The following are examples of common home substances that are toxic to snakes:

1. Kerosene (gasoline):

The chemical kerosene is a common household item that is used in the kitchen by many people. A snake in your house is a genuine weapon that you should employ if you come across one in your home. When you pour kerosene in an area where snakes are active, they might flee quite far. So remember to use it as a weapon if you spot a snake near your property or if you suspect that snakes are passing through your residence.

2 - Garlic and onions:

When you crush garlic and onions together, sulphuric acid is created. It is impossible for any snake to withstand the power of this acid. This combination may be poured anywhere a snake is visible and will cause the snake to flee in a jiffy, never to appear again. As you pour it, it attracts snakes with its appealing natural chemical, which ensures that you do not obstruct the passageway via which the snake will leave.

3. Bitter Kola and Maize: 

Using bitter kola and maize, make a solution and pour it along the route that you suspect is inhabited by snakes. You may be confident that there will never be any snakes in the area again.

Natural barriers that keep snakes away from the ecosystem and are extremely successful in removing snakes from the human environment are both available to us. Consequently, if you've had snakes in your vicinity, you should have some of those poisons on hand.

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