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Interesting facts about rhinos

Rhinos are known for their strength, and chilling physical structure. Although rhinos seem like a no go area with regards to touching I have gathered information on rhinos.

There are currently 5 species of rhinos in the world. 3 rhino specie are native to Southern Asia whilst 2 species are narive to Africa. The indian rhino is the second largest land animal in Asia. An Indian rhino stands at 6 feet high , and is 12 feet long. 22000 is their average weight . The concep of Indian rhinos having a horn only begins when they reach around 6 years , and is able to grow to 10 inches long.

The Sumatran rhino holds the title of being regarded as the smallest rhino compared to other rhinos. It stands at 4 feet tall , and 11 feet long weighing 800 kg.

It is rather unfortunate how rhions are being hunted down for their horn. It is believed by Chinese as well as Vietnam people that the horn of a rhino can cure cancer as well as other sicknesses. 

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